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From the house of Disney, comes yet another channel which delves deeper into the history of many places across the world. If you love history and want to follow the story behind every historical place of importance then you would do well by subscribing to the history TV on your device. The TV originally started with broadcast of historical fictions and documentaries and has recently moved onto broadcast non-historical reality TV series as well.

Accessing History TV

TV channels are now available not just through the conventional TVs but also through many other devices and accessing them requires subscription. Here we bring to you step by step information to activate your History channel on Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV and Others. If you use any of the mentioned devices, you will have to activate your channel in order for you to view it uninterruptedly.

How to activate History TV

In order to activate the History TV channel, you need to first click on the below link.


Upon clicking this link you will be presented with a screen which asks for your Device and TV Provider

As you can see you have the option to select the different devices you use to view the channel. You can choose any of the below options:

  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV
  • ROKU
  • Others in case of other devices

Then you can select your TV provider (there are vast number of choices here as well)

If your provider is not listed in this, you can click on the “More Providers” filter to see if your TV provider is listed. Choose the TV provider that you are using.

Once done, it is time for the step 3, which is to enter the activation code.

This box will automatically get activated for input once you choose the TV provider. The TV provider list is the same irrespective of the device that you choose. This is the place where you need to enter your activation code.

After entering the activation code, it is the final step where you verify your subscription to the channel. Post inputting the code, click on the continue button on the same screen.

This will also be available on the same page just below the activation code input field.

History channel is available as an app on different platforms including Android and iOS enabling you to access your favorite history shows from anywhere for free. With new content updated constantly, you will never be bored watching your favorite channel on History from Disney.

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