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HSBC, short for the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation, has been among the top players in the banking arena.  There are many credit and debit cards offered by this bank and each of them outshines the other in terms of the features that you can get from them. The HSBC Gold Mastercard is among the premium cards offered by the bank for its privileged customers and you will get an invitation letter offering you this card on your mail.

Using the invite for HSBC gold card

If you have received the invitation offer on mail, then you can apply for this fabulous card by clicking on the below link.

This is your gateway to apply for the HSBC gold card online.

On the page you will find an input field for giving the invitation number to proceed further.

Key in the invitation number in the box provided. If you are not sure on where to find your invitation number a simple click on the question mark in the above screen will help you find the same.

The invitation number will be part of your mail offer to get a HSBC gold master card.  Once you have input your invitation number click on the button which says

“Proceed with your application”

There is also information below this button on what information you would need to provide for opening the credit card account and the proofs you may need to submit. For example, you might be asked for your name, address, Tax Identification Number, Date of Birth etc.

What to do in case you don’t have an invitation number?

Let us say you want to get a HSBC gold master card but you don’t have the invitation number with you or you have not received the mail offer from the bank. There is no cause to worry as the next section on this page is meant just for you.

No invitation form

You can just click on the “Apply now” button and file in your application to get your own HSBC gold master card.

If you are looking to get more information on the HSBC gold Mastercard, you can get the same by clicking on the “Learn more” tab above.

Features of HSBC gold master card

  • 0% Annual percentage rate (APR) for the first 18 months including balance transfers and purchases, post which it will be either 12.99% or 16.99% or 20.99%.
  • There is no fee for foreign transactions and you can get one late fee waiver per year.
  • There is no fee for additional cards on the existing ones.
  • Additionally there are travel benefits including $1 million travel accident insurance.

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