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Who doesn’t love fashion? And for those who love fashion, Nordstrom is a very familiar name. Having been established in the year 1901, the company has been serving the expectations of all fashion conscious men and women across the world with compelling style in clothing and accessories.

About Nordstrom card

In order to make the fashion shopping an incredible experience for their consumers, the company has introduced a card which is equivalent of a credit card to use at their outlets and their website online. There are reward points to be earned and there are both credit and debit cards for consumers who want them. While the credit cards are issued by the TD bank, USA, the debit cards are issued by the Nordstrom Card services, Inc.

Once you get the card from Nordstrom, you need to activate the same to enjoy shopping with it. Here we will take you through on the steps for activation of your Nordstrom card.

Activating your Nordstrom card

In order to activate your Nordstrom card, you need to visit the below link:

In this page, you can see that there is information on credit and debit cards of Nordstrom and other details to get in touch with the company customer service as well.

In order to activate your card, you need to provide the card number (16 digit number like other credit and debit cards) and the expiration date in the provision given.

Nordstrom credit card form

The expiration date has to be given in MM/DD format.  After this on the next line you have to input the last 4 digits of your SSN and your date of birth in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

Verification Image

In case you are hesitant or wondering on why you need to provide the information on SSN and your DOB, you can click on the link “why we need this?” under those specific fields as you can see from the above image. They ask these things to verify your identity.

You can click on the “Activate” button to complete the process. If you want to get more information on the credit or debit card agreement, you can use the links mentioned as “Nordstrom Credit Card Agreement” to get finer details about the agreement.

There are also important points that you need to remember while activating your Nordstrom card which is mentioned on the same screen under the header “Things to know”.

Benefits with Nordstrom card

For every dollar you spend on this card for shopping at Nordstrom stores, Nordstrom Rack, Hautelook and Trunk club (online and offline), you get 3 points. With 2000 points you can get $20 note from Nordstrom and with more notes, you can become a member to enjoy exclusive benefits.

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