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Citibank has carved itself a niche in offering the most rewarding credit card program to its clients, and the double cash card is one. If you have applied for a credit card at the Citibank, then you would be delighted to know that the invitation number on the application can get you the exclusive deal on Double cash Citibank card.

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How to use the offer for Double cash card?

If you have received the mail offer for the double cash card from Citi, then you can make use of the below link to enjoy the offer.

Upon clicking the link, you will find a page that seeks information to proceed to the application form for your credit card.

The mail offer that you received will have an invitation code that you need to enter here to access your application form. If you are not sure on where to find the invitation code, click on the link which says

“Where to find your invitaion code”

Once you click that link, you will see a pop-up screen as below.

This pop-up screen points you to the place where you can find the invitation code for accessing your application form. You will find this in your mail offer, and you can use this to access your application form.

The invitation code is highlighted in a red rectangular box in the above picture which helps you to know where to find it in the mail offer application. Click on the close button above to close this pop-up and to return to the main screen.

Now on the main screen, you will see two input boxes.

  • The first one is for the “invitation code” which came as part of your application on mail.
  • The second one is for your last name.
  • Then, click on the tab “Proceed to Application”

Using the mail offer will help you get a much better deal on your Citibank card. Let us now take a brief look at the benefits you can get with double cash card from Citibank.

More on the Double cash card

The Double cash card is a Mastercard, and it offers unlimited reward points with zero annual fees. The reason why it is called Double cash is that it gives you 2% cash back, where 1% is for your purchase, and another 1% is when you pay back the card bill for the purchase.

As mentioned earlier there is no annual fee, and there is no annual percentage rate on balance transfer for the first 18 months either. Depending on your creditworthiness, you will either be charged 15.49% or 25.49% variable APR after the 18 months.

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